Financial R.E.A.D.™

The Financial R.E.A.D. program has three primary objectives: 1) to provide MBEs with access to capital; 2) to provide financial training to assist MBEs with understanding the language of finance and business performance; and 3) to ensure MBEs are prepared to qualify for the various types of capital resources.

The Center has relationships with various financial institutions to help MBEs get access to capital such as lines of credit, equipment purchasing, staffing, and other working capital needs. The Center also provides minority-owned small businesses with financial training that is designed to assist business owners with understanding the language of finance and business performance. Program workshops include training in financial readiness, evaluation, assessment, and development. Each component of the program focuses on a different aspect of financial readiness for small businesses, including setting financial goals, understanding how lenders and investors evaluate small businesses, creating and analyzing financial statements, cash flow management, and business tax returns.