DiversifyLA is a program that focuses on contracting within the public and private sectors. DiversityLA allows suppliers (MBEs) to be matched with buyers’ procurement opportunities. Once an MBE becomes a client and is ready to take on additional contract opportunities, the MBE will create a profile on the DiversifyLA platform. The platform matches suppliers and buyers based on MBEs’ profiles. The goal of DiversifyLA is to increase the number of public and private contract opportunities for MBEs. MBEs must be MBDA clients and hold at least one certification to participate in DiversifyLA. Additionally, under DiversifyLA, we focus on educating MBEs to help them participate in government contracting, as well as identifying bid-matching opportunities for our clients. Once MBEs become clients of our Center, they are provided free access to on-demand training as a part of our partnership with Govology.

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