The Program for Businesses Affected by COVID

COVID-19 disproportionately impacted Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) in Louisiana.  Many didn’t have working capital to survive five months beyond the shutdown in March 2020.  Moreover, nearly 62% of those businesses do not have an online presence.   In addition, COVID’s effect in rural areas was exacerbated by the lack of locally accessible entrepreneurial resources.  Given these factors, the goal of this program is to work with community partners to help MBEs prevent, prepare for, and recover from the coronavirus.

We work to expand and revitalize economic development for coronavirus-impacted businesses throughout the state by providing programs that enhance existing businesses and create new venture opportunities with a special focus on (1) advancing innovation and the entrepreneurship ecosystem; (2) providing access to capital; and (3) increasing access to both local and global markets.

We Can Help You ...

  • Pivot your pre-covid business into a new industry
  • Revise your current marketing strategy to compete in today’s market
  • Navigate PPP loan forgiveness
  • Create products from your farm
  • And tackle other challenges…

Our Services

  • Business Consulting to improve the operations and systems of your firm in the post-Covid era
  • Consulting and technical assistance for farmers
  • Assistance in getting Grants & Loans to rebuild your business
  • Grow revenues by helping clients source & win contracts from businesses and governments
  • Increase your competitive advantage by gaining DBE, MBE, and WBE Certification
  • Globalize your business by Exporting Your Products
  • Increase your business skills via our online learning platform for entrepreneurial training on the go
  • Expand your business presence via online platforms

Find Contracts

DiversifyLA is an exclusive benefit for our clients. Once registered on, you’ll be able to view available contracting opportunities. Once registered, you’ll also gain access to a bid-matching system to see available procurement opportunities throughout the state and beyond. Set an appointment so we can help you enroll.

Learn Government Contracting

Govology is an on-demand training platform offered free of charge to the Center’s clients.  It provides clients with training and webinars that introduce firms to government contracting, as well as teach them strategies to be competitive in the federal procurement space.  Sign up today!

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The Louisiana Minority Business Development Agency Business Center helps minority-owned companies gain access to capital, increase profitability, and scale their businesses.

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Meet Our Covid Response Recovery Team

Tyra Banks, MPA

Coronavirus Response Program Director

Brandon Chenier, BA

Coronavirus Response Program Assistant Director

Mink Gaudet, MS

Coronavirus Response Program Business Consultant