Let’s keep it going . . . and growing! Enterprising Women of Color Virtual Series

Let’s keep it going . . . and growing! Enterprising Women of Color Virtual Series

May 26, 2020

Tue, 05/26/2020 – 11:06

The Formula for a Winning Comeback
Reflections from Weeks 1 and 2


MBDA recently launched the Enterprising Women of Color Forum: The Virtual Series – a 4-week webinar series designed to promote resources and opportunities for women of color entrepreneurs. The virtual series is off to a great start with a community of women entrepreneurs tuned in each week to share ideas, new perspectives, and their formulas for being growth-ready despite difficult times. 


Who’s in the Room . . .

Thanks to our event co-partners, the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and The Coca-Cola Company, expert speakers, and a wealth of resources, the events have been more than a success but a magnetic lifeline for the more than 1,600 attendees.

The unique diversity of the audience has ranged from infant stage entrepreneurs to multi-million-dollar firms. All have been met with a collective of powerhouse presenters ranging from experts in the financial industry to a founder and pivotal change agent in the beauty industry.


Building the Formula . . .

The inaugural event to the virtual series, Get Money: The Comeback Edition focused on one of the key hurdles WMBEs face today. The session featured four financial and capital industry executives providing real-time resources on how to get the capital needed to move to the next phase of growth. The discussion included engaging dialogue, witty insights, and a host of tips to ensure attendees were focused on solutions to conquer their challenges!


The second installment, a Fireside Chat with the Founder of Carol’s Daughter Lisa Price, provided a looking glass for all the entrepreneurs working in their passion.   The discussion was bubbling with affirmations and wisdom that helped sustain Lisa Price’s more than 25-year growth and domination of the beauty industry. Lisa shared how she was able to manage the challenges of being a boss, wife, mother, and daughter all while keeping her “hobby”, turned multimillion-dollar company, a household name. Her story was a “getting it done” inspiration!


The WOW moment . . .

MBDA and NMSDC partnered to bring enterprising women together to provide greater access to information but what was witnessed exceeded expectations.  We saw first-hand what happens when visionaries and leaders get together . . . they create their own pathways to success!  Following the first installation of the virtual series, attendees created a “fan-generated” social media group on Facebook to continue the conversation, network, and share best practices.  This is the manifestation of the vision for MBDA’s Enterprising Women of Color Initiative.  We are honored to be a bridge to connect women entrepreneurs to a community of wealth-building resources.


Don’t miss a moment! Register NOW for the virtual series.  Subscribe to the EWOC mailing list at www.MBDA.gov and follow us on Twitter and Facebook @ USMBDA. 

Now is the time to INVEST IN YOU.  Let’s dream bigger.  Let’s achieve more. Together.





Magic Johnson offering $100 million in loans to minority-owned businesses left out of PPP loans

Magic Johnson offering $100 million in loans to minority-owned businesses left out of PPP loans

May 22, 2020

Fri, 05/22/2020 – 13:52

With the future of small businesses in urban communities at risk, former National Basketball Association great Magic Johnson has stepped in to offer assistance.

The CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises collaborated with MBE Capital Partners to offer $100 million in loans to minority- and women-owned companies hurt by stay-at-home orders due to Covid-19. The loans were funded through Johnson’s EquiTrust Life Insurance Company and will be provided through the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. 

“This will allow them to keep their employees and keep their doors open,” Johnson told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday.

Congress set aside $349 billion for PPP funds in April as part of a $2 trillion stimulus package, but the money depleted quickly, forcing another round of aid. New funds include $60 billion set aside for small businesses.

But even with new money available, African-American and Latino-owned businesses have been left out of the new PPP funds due to a lack of relationships with bigger banks. Democratic lawmakers including Sen. Kamala Harris of California have even called on the SBA and Treasury Department to ensure minority-owned businesses are not shut out of aid. 

But with financial help limited, some businesses are in jeopardy of closing for good.

“We have to remember that these businesses have been in urban communities for a long time,” Johnson said. “They’ve been doing great things, and they probably didn’t have a relationship with the banks when the stimulus package went out. So now, we’re able to say, ‘Hey, you can have a relationship with us.’”

“Financially, this has really hurt our community as well as health-wise it’s hurt our community, too,” Johnson added.

Rafael Martinez, CEO of MBE, said the funds would look to help 100,000 businesses in urban communities. Applicants are vetted using the SBA guidelines. Martinez said the application process is now simplified, making “it easier to qualify for these loans.”

“There is a ton of money left,” Martinez said, adding the next stage is to grow work with depository banks to “multiply Earvin’s investment to $1 billion or more.” 

Johnson, 60, who helped the Los Angeles Lakers win five NBA titles through the 1980s, said he was surprised the team applied for a SBA loan and received $4.6 million. The Lakers received criticism for the action, but Johnson praised the team for returning the money.

“They did the right thing,” he said. ”[Lakers owner] Jeanie Buss is a very good owner, and she’s smart, so I’m glad that she returned the money because there is a lot of companies out here who really need that money and she was smart enough to understand that.”

Asked about pro sports leagues returning to action, Johnson echoed what many throughout the industry have said, predicting a restart with “empty stadiums.” But he also supported resumption.

“We need it,” Johnson said. “We thrive on our sports. That’s how we escape our everyday life — is to indulge ourselves in sports. So, we need sports to come back, especially if we’re going to continue to stay home.”

Correction: This story was revised to correct that Sen. Kamala Harris and other Democratic lawmakers want the SBA and Treasury Department to ensure minority-owned businesses are not shut out of aid. 



Source: CNBC.com



SBA Regional Administrator Ashley D. Bell & Rapper, Entrepreneur Tip “T.I.” Harris Reached over 100,000 Entrepreneurs Across the South

SBA Regional Administrator Ashley D. Bell & Rapper, Entrepreneur Tip “T.I.” Harris Reached over 100,000 Entrepreneurs Across the South

May 22, 2020

Fri, 05/22/2020 – 13:41

Goal was met in reaching 100k minority entrepreneurs to discuss COVID-19 Recovery opportunities


ATLANTA – Yesterday evening, May 20th at 6:00 p.m. ET, Ashley D. Bell, SBA Regional Administrator and Entrepreneurship Policy Advisor for the White House Opportunity & Revitalization Council and Tip “T.I.” Harris, rapper, entertainer, and entrepreneur hosted a successful call for entrepreneurs across the South. The call addressed opportunities for recovery for historically distressed communities which have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. They successfully reached over 109,000 callers last night and had a reach of millions via social media outlets.

Tip “T.I.” Harris says, “This call was important to do because I believe it’s critical for us to be informed and get better educated on what we can do, how to do it and where to go to get it done, especially during times of crisis.  I simply did what I do best and that is connect the people with the information.”

The audience on the call received a great deal of information including hearing from local and state elected officials representing their constituents, lenders and experts in the financial fields including Eddie George, Wealth Management Specialist and retired NFL player. John Hope Bryant, Founder & CEO of Operation Hope moderated a conversation with chamber leaders, church leadership and non-profits to discuss the importance of these pillars on our communities and the importance of access to recovery capital for them. Entrepreneurs and small business counselors talked about their tickets to success.

“50% of black business owners have 0-10 days of working capital, but do not have access to traditional banking facilities. Without this critical link to funding and opportunities and amidst the COVID-19 crisis, an entire generation of minority entrepreneurs could be lost,” says Ashley D. Bell, SBA Regional Administrator. “Our goal with 100,000 Strong is to organically reach entrepreneurs throughout the underserved communities of the South by working with the great support of speakers we had on this call.”


Please coordinate media interviews and for a complete list of speakers, please contact Lola Kress, SBA Regional Communications Director, (404) 330-4737 or lola.kress@sba.gov@sba.gov 

About the U.S. Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration makes the American dream of business ownership a reality. As the only go-to resource and voice for small businesses backed by the strength of the federal government, the SBA empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners with the resources and support they need to start, grow or expand their businesses, or recover from a declared disaster. It delivers services through an extensive network of SBA field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations. To learn more, visit www.sba.gov.

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